Angel Melodies - Healing the Soul through Song...
From the earliest times, humans have known that music and song can take us away from our troubles, and transport us into the hidden, magical realms where spirits dwell. From the drum and rattle of the shaman, to classical symphonies, music allows us to transcend this physical world and remember our connection to the source, to experience again the unity of the universe and heal pain and illness.

When was the last time anyone sang to YOU? Maybe if you were fortunate, your parents sang to you as a small child. One of the tools I use as a shamanic healer is sound and toning. When channels or shamans sing in healing sessions it's from a place of compassion as we "step out of our own way" and allow the loving powers of the universe to work through us. We focus on being a conduit, an instrument and indeed, we feel "played through".

I am most fortunate to have formed a beautiful partnership with the angels who are under the banner of Ark Angel Raphael.  One angel in particular, Benjamin Ra El. has made himself known to me. Whilst in light trance I am intuitively guided to utter certain tones or notes and the angels infuse these tones with a powerful sonic vibration. Listening to angel toning sets up powerful energy fields that activate dormant stages of consciousness in the body.
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The tones are not just heard by the ear, they permeate your entire body, and as the body absorbs the sound, the vibration re-charges and affects the nervous system, brainwaves, heartbeat and circulation. This is because of the high water content of the body tissue helps to conduct sound and the sonic vibration has a massaging effect reaching the most remote, inaccessible places, vibrating into body cavities, vessels and fluids. Each part of the body right down to the sub-atomic level has it's own frequency and therefore it's own unique sound.

People have experienced profound changes while listening  to the angel melodies, from huge shifting and clearing of energies, to increased clairvoyance, clairaudience and recieved healing.
One lady wrote: "Two years ago I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in the very High Risk category. The result of this is a compression facture in one vertebrae and a fractured sternum. Despite being on medication I have been in constant pain especially when standing or sitting for any length of time. My husband has had to do most things around the house for me. I was priveleged to be among the members in attendance at your angel singing last month. Although not "into" meditation I took part and concentrated my thoughts on my back where I get the most pain. I felt some sensation there while you were singing but thought nothing of it. Since that time however, I have been aware of the decreasing of the pain to a great extent and it is not constant or as severe. I would like to thank you and your Angels for helping with my healing".
Sincerely, Margaret. 
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Trudie regularly 'Sings the Angels' around Sydney and the Blue Mountains.
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