What Is Hypnotherapy?
Clinical Hypnosis is used to assist in alleviating a wide range of problems, and ailments, including depression, insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks, pre-exam nerves, as well as breaking habits such as smoking, alcohol addiction, teeth grinding, hair pulling, and eating disorders.

Hypnotherapy is also effective in overcoming fears and phobias like agoraphobia, claustrophobia, social phobia, fear of driving, flying, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Hypnosis can be successfully employed on its own, or in conjunction with other therapies as part of an overall strategy for managing a problem.

How Hypnosis Works

What Can I Expect?
When undergoing hypnosis, the therapist will ask for a brief history of the problem, and then leads you through a step by step relaxation of the muscles in the body, and then guides you into a light trance, which is simply a state of deep relaxation using a counting sequence.

Will I lose control over my Actions?
No, definitely not. This is a common misconception that many people have.
It is impossible to persuade anyone in a light trance to do or say anything he or she does not want to. Clinical hypnotherapy bears no relation to stage entertainment.

How Does It Work?
While you are relaxed, the hypnotherapist makes positive suggestions which the client allows into their subconscious mind, because the thinking, logical side of the brain lets go and relaxes.

How many visits will I need?
For many problems, one or two sessions usually suffice, However, 3 or 4 sessions may be required
to break long standing habits, like smoking, or weight reduction.

As well as helping to break habits or overcome problems, Hypnotherapy can be a helpful means of improving and enhancing your talents, and abilities, for example, improving public speaking, goal setting, as well as sporting expertise.
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