What is Soul Surgery?
• Do  past traumas or experiences hold you back?
• Do you self-sabotage?
* Do you struggle with food, or other addictions?
• Do you have anxiety attacks or feel depressed?
• Do you attract the wrong partners?

If so, Soul Surgery Clearing can help.

The clearing releases the trauma stored in the body from:
*  divorce,
*  Job loss
*  relationship  break-ups, *
*  Illness,  & grief.
*  mental, emotional, physical abuse
By dissolving the psychic energy still attached to past events, you can then move forward.
Many today suffer depression or anxiety, this can be the
result of a person’s essence or soul fragment leaving, or being forced out of the body, from trauma, serious illness, accidents, or abuse,  which leaves  a space for negative energies to enter and take hold.

Trudie and her angel guides journey to bring back and restore  these missing  soul fragments.
Often, insights into your past lives are revealed, particularly when those lives impact the current life.

Once the Clearing is complete, it opens the way for you to start working towards your goals, and  to create the life you want.

Trudie also offers a technique to help you manifest the following:
* New Career/job change
* Creating or expanding own Business/Practice  
* Buying/selling property
* Improve current job
* Build a vibration to attract a    compatible romantic partner.
What is the Process?
Some clients Jot down the issues they wish to work on. However,  don’t worry If you are not sure what  needs to be cleared.

Trudie leads you into a light meditative state, and gently
begins  working on lifting & clearing your  energy.
Trudie specialises in diffusing psychic interference from others which may be impacting on your life, as well as house cleansing

For those living outside Australia, or Inter-state, equally successful sessions by telephone , or Skype, are available.

To book a session e-mail Trudie: soulsurg@pnc.com.au
or call: 0403-544-863