I met Trudie at a film festival in Sydney where my movie "sordid lives" was playing. After the film, she approached me and told me she needed to talk to me. Trudie gently took my hand and ask me if I was in pain. (I had had a migraine for 17 days) I said "physical or emotional." She replied, "Aren't they the same?" She then explained that she was a physic healer and did "surgery of the soul." Trudie then asked me if I had been sexually abused as a child. As she said that, I had a very quick vision of a room.

The room was very clear, lots of details. I saw my boyfriend at a very young age standing in front of a chair, with a grown man violating him. The vision was over, but I explained that no I had never been sexually molested, but my boyfriend had, and we were just dealing with his pain, his memories of the trauma. She said I was channelling him, that she was love to work with him -- and me in the future. I took her email address.

The next day I called my boyfriend in the States and described the room I had seen in the vision to him. He was speechless. It was the very room where all the molestation had taken place. Down to the color of the chair, the ashtray, the picture window. I wrote Trudie and told her about the vision -- and my boyfriend's response. I decided at that moment to fly him over to meet her, so she could disconnect this horrible energy.

Two days later my headache left me mid-afteroon. I checked my email. There was a post from Trudie that said, "I sent you headache angels around three. Did you get them." Well, at that point, I was a believer.

My boyfriend came over and she worked on him. His life changed dramatically, is still changing. Being a Southern Baptist preacher's son and very affected (negatively) by the church, Trudie worked on me too -- disconnected the negativity of the church and my parents. Life became better for me too.

I continue to work with her on a regular basis as needed via phone. And it's all good.
Trudie is the real deal. Thank you God for bringing her into my life.
Del Shores
Film Director & Playwright


I became acutely aware of a change in my daughter's behaviour which seemed to coincide with a new association she had at school. My daughter's nature could be a bit stubborn normally but I very quickly noticed that this behaviour was becoming extreme. Along with this came a rudeness and sarcasm that I had never known from her before. The defiance, deliberately opposing everything we said had reached new heights. She had lost interest in school and wanted to leave no matter what. We seriously considered all options, like helping her find a job, in the hope that she wouldn't go "off the rails".

I know that teenagers can display this kind of behaviour but it was the dramatic change that first alerted me to there being a real problem. I was aware of Trudie's work so I asked her to look at my daughter. Apparently there was a mass of negativity that surrounded her body and was shaped like a beehive. It was sticky and took a bit of time to remove as it was fairly large. Trudie was able to work through me and explained that the energy surrounding my daughter was connected to drug energy. She asked me if she had taken drugs and I couldn't say. However, the person she was associating was likely to be taking drugs, so Trudie then disconnected this person from my daughter.

Over the next few days my daughter slept a lot. She then actually talked to me, something she hadn't done for a while, as all previous discussions had just ended in verbal abuse from her. She also voluntarily said that she didn't want to be involved with this other person any longer. This was a great relief to me. I can say that there was an immediate improvement in my daughter's behaviour. She has settled down now and seems to be interested in completing school her school work again.
Helen Shurety
Former teacher
I went to Trudie Moore after a referral from a friend. I was very skeptical about her Soul Surgery, and psychic healers in general. I had been going to see a well respected therapist in Los Angeles, CA, USA, for about 2-3 months, to deal with being molested as a child . I felt like I was making progress with my therapist, but not as quickly as I wanted to. I am an actor, and I had recently done some amazingly self-destructive things as a result of my being molested as a child, and not ever dealing with it.

I was in Australia with a movie shoot when the director, who also happens to be a very close friend, told me about Trudie. He said she performs Soul Surgery, and dealing with people who had been abused was one of her many specialties. I was skeptical at first, but he said he had gone to her for other things, and she was amazing. So, I decided to go to her on Easter Sunday when there was a break in the shooting schedule. She made me feel very comfortable. We had dinner, and then we went to her office. She had me lay down, and made me so relaxed and comfortable. She began her work.

It was very intense, yet strangely relaxing all at the same time for me. In one session she had me go through all of the things one has to do to repair their Psyche after being abused. I was able through a semi-hypnotic state, to see all of the times I was molested, and know once and for all, the things I had blocked out of my mind.

Knowing exactly what happened was amazingly healing for me. Right then I was able to understand my life so much more. She then guided me into closing the door on my self-destructive behavior, and forgiving myself for the self-destructive behavior of my past. After that, and this is a biggie, she helped guide me into forgiving my molesters, and cutting their energy and their connection to me. She helped me realize that they no longer had any control over my life! Before we ended, she had me see myself as a little boy and hug and embrace that little boy.

When it was all over it was like a lifetime of therapy all wrapped up into one session. Trudie Moore is absolutely amazing! I recommend her to anyone who is in need of some Soul Surgery, and if you're not sure whether you need it or not, or you're just plain skeptical... chances are you definitely need it. Give Trudie Moore a try. You definitely won't regret it!
Thanks Trudie,
Ben Fisher
Hollywood, CA U.S.A.


Depression - what a terrible debilitating illness. Even the word depressions sounds - well, depressing. I am in my mid-thirties and it's taken me from my teenage years to finally recognise that I needed help.

I have battled periodically for years with this creature that would come for me with not so much as a warning. Medically, I was diagnosed with 'chemical depression'. The type that hits out of the blue and for no apparent reason causing the sufferer to descend rapidly into a black pit of despair.

I asked my spirit guides for help and to steer me to someone who could help me beat the blues. And they did. Almost immediately I stumbled across a website with the name of Trudie Moore who is a soul surgery practitioner in Sydney. The information I read on the website resonated with me and I gave her a call from my home in Brisbane. I felt very comfortable with her straight away. Trudie not only conducts sessions face to face, but also over the phone. A friend of mind also wanted to see Trudie, so we arranged a week-end and flew down to see her.

Trudie equipped me with techniques to overcome the depression - raising my vibrational energy so that the low-vibe depression couldn't get a foot in the door. She promised I would feel a big difference within a month. She was wrong - I felt a HUGE difference within two weeks.
Without the benefit of drugs or chemicals, and with the help of a practitioner whom my spirit guides led me to, I beat depression. I employed the techniques Trudie taught me and within a staggeringly short period of time, I actually felt incredibly different and still do. The old order has fallen away and for the first time in my life, I feel hope for my future.