Soul Surgery - Baggage Handling for the Soul
Some people train to become Counsellors, Reiki Masters, Massage Therapists, etc. I trained for four years to become a Shaman.

The word “shaman” conjures up an image of a wild man or woman running around the jungle wearing animal masks and doing strange dances, and you are wondering what place there is within our modern society for shamans?
A reputable psychologist and therapist by the name of Sandra Ingerman, worked in a clinic in Santa Fe with several women who had significant childhood and or sexual, abuse. These women would describe how they had removed themselves psychically from the situation at the time of abuse. Sandra, who had also trained in shamanism, immediately recognised that these women’s souls had, to some degree, left their body, and therefore the logical thing was to retrieve the lost portion of the soul and bring it back. This process is called soul retrieval.
When she started doing soul retrieval for these women, the results were astounding. Indeed if you ask many people if they feel they have lost part of their soul, it's typical that many will say yes. So I will ask you to think about that right now - At some deep level there is a natural awareness of this problem. Even a minor trauma can result in some degree of soul loss and can be rectified.
I assisted a lady who had felt physically completely lop-sided, and her thinking was fuzzy for over a year after a car accident in spite of having had regular and intensive physiotherapy.
I immediately saw that she had lost consciousness in this accident and had shot out of her body. She confirmed that yes she had been knocked out for a couple of minutes.

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I journeyed back to the time of the accident ,and discovered a soul fragment had been misaligned as a result of her catapulting out of her physical body and then not fully aligning back in to the subtle bodies. I worked on re-integrating and re-aligning her physical body with the psychic bodies and after that she regained total clarity in her thinking, and her neck and shoulder problems started to come back into balance responding a lot better to Physiotherapy . So in what other ways can we be affected? well, when people get angry, jealous, or have a hostile emotional attitude toward others, they can vent not only verbal and physical abuse, but spiritual abuse without even knowing it. In other words if somebody is ignorant of the power of energy, they can do damage to other people on a spiritual level.

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Relationship issues are usually a major reason that people see me for Soul Surgery. Past love relationships and an inability to move on, is often a major issue, resulting from psychic cords or tentacles that are still connected to that person through their chakra system - the 7 energy centres in the body. This can often be why a person may have a series of un-fulfilled or disastrous relationships because they are still resonating to a past vibration.

Each person has their own vibration or is attuned to a particular channel. I use the example of a radio station, some of us are on 2-Day FM others on 2CH nice and easy. I help the person change their frequency or vibration on a psychic and mental level, and help them gain insights into what they've learnt from the experience.

Sometimes it's not only a matter of disconnecting cords, but the other party may have (un-consciously of course) taken some aspect of them - a fragment. These aspects can be creativity, optimism, the ability to attract money and abundance. It is my job to help the client to negotiate the return of these parts, and integrate them back into their energy field. Once you are free of that person's psychic connections, and have all parts of you back and are whole, then you will much more easily attract the right partner into your life.
Having a Soul Clearing dissolves layers of negative programming and clears limiting beliefs. It is like a psychic vacuum, releasing childhood conditioning, old patterns, energy taken on from others around us.

Symptoms of being overwhelmed by negativity are: mood swings, mental confusion or distraction, temper outbursts, fatigue, procrastination, along with an inability to move forward in your life in a positive way.

Very often in soul surgery I remove entities called targs. These are mischievous pockets of energy with a low intelligence, that usually come in to sabotage certain people .They often target those who they can see have a spiritual gift, or who have a certain “calling” especially when it involves healing or teaching people. They attach themselves to the person's energy field and then settle into one of the chakras and start causing problems.

I usually manage to escort them out without too much trouble and the angels take them to where they are meant to go.

Soul Surgery is immensely helpful for those wishing to change careers or jobs or get in touch with their creative passion. I've had a lot of success with people wanting to expand their businesses or client base. I get so excited with the feedback I get from clients who are much happier and successful. I've worked with actors, playwrights and a film director visiting here from the U.S. helping them to expand their creativity and success. Soul Surgery will help you to release many blockages, trauma, pain and confusion that is often not your own but something you've have taken on through your family/genetic line. It brings the opportunity to call forth your potential and express your gifts of creativity, wisdom and healing in the world.

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This healing will free you from these bonds, attachments, and patterns (see Testimonials).

Soul Surgery sessions are 1-2 hours depending on the issues that need clearing, and are held in Trudie's home healing sanctuary.

Cost $150 per session. For an appointment Phone 0403 544 863 or E-mail