Past Life Regression

"Journeys into Yesterday"

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Many respected psychologists and clinical practitioners, are now embracing past life regression as a fast, effective, and powerful tool, in assisting people with a variety of issues.

Past Life Regression can be of great benefit in realising your self-worth, and is very empowering as it allows you to gain deeper insights into yourself and others. Regression may assist you to recognise and release patterns of behaviour which may be can prevent you from leading a happy and fulfilling life.
The sessions can also offer insights into talents which you have previously had, enabling you to embrace them in this life.

Regression works by accessing your subconscious mind (higher self) which records all your past life and soul memories. This is achieved by being in a relaxed mediative state when the mind can slow down from your day to day thinking, allowing you to see, feel and learn from your past lives.

During regression, you may go back to at least one past life, and possibly, between lives. It is not uncommon to visit a couple of lives in a session. You will be gently guided to gather information which may facilitate a healing for you, having gained insights into current challenges in your life today.

To derive the greatest benefit, it is ideal to approach the session with no expectations, and an open mind. There is nothing to worry about, you will be safe. Whatever your lives have been, you will have residue memories affecting you in your current life. There is no telling which period in time you will go to, or if you will be male or female.

Many challenges or issues in your life can be assisted through regression, including:- anxiety and depression - phobias and fears - guilt and shame - recurring dreams- addictions - self-esteem and confidence - unexplained pain and health issues – assertiveness, and insights into patterns of love relationships.

What happens when you come for a Regression Session?
Allow one hour for your session. Trudie will discuss with you what you would like to deal with. You will make yourself comfortable and be guided into a relaxed state . You will always be aware of your surroundings and you could open your eyes at any time. You will interact throughout the session as she guides you through your lifetimes, seeking significant events. You will be relaying what you are seeing and feeling.

Your session will be recorded and either emailed as an attachment, or a CD can be posted to you if you choose. Contact Trudie for more details.